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  • Linda

    I need help for icomania for kindle level146 silhouttte man with black cap and black goggles. Why can’t I find ans on goggle search

  • Don

    Hello I am having trouble with my 4 pictures 1 word game on my iPhone! It will not open up anymore, I only see te opening picture then it crashes.

    Thanks Don.

  • becky

    there is a pic of a tv show of 2 guys and a blonde girl and i cant find the answer to it on the answer pages, and no one else can either, please help it level 5-3

  • Denise

    I look on all these websites for the answers and some I can never find and then I’m stuck as other might be. Asking about level 11 as the game as the game is showing, Guess the word 4 pic. 2 have 2 fingers up. One with 1 finger up and one with a guy giving thumbs down. Thank you for you time.

  • Davs

    Can you give me the solution for designer woman, maritime oil rig, smokey chimneys in SPANISH, please?

    In English, the answer is ‘industry’.

    In Spanish it’s also an 8 letter word.

    Thanks for all the help you can offer